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Welcome to the official Protex Website.  Thanks for visiting the website!

We’re well into 2017 and Protex would once again like to thank everyone in Hamburg and Berlin for helping them bring in the New Year is style!.  2016 was a busy year sp
ent mainly working on the new album and the band are pleased to announce that Tightrope is
due for release this month!

Protex are back at Fibbers in Dublin on 17th February, then it’s a welcome return to Austin, Texas for the SXSW festival and a show at Hotel Vegas on 15th March.

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Protex live in Dublin
Protex live in Dublin
Back in Berlin for NYE!
Protex in Hamburg at the end of the year.
Protex in Hamburg at the end of the year.
Hilden Beer Festival this Friday!
Hilden Beer Festival this Friday!
Protex in Rome on 24/Oct/15
Protex in Lisburn on 28/Aug/15
Protex in Belfast on 16/May/15
Protex in Stockholm on 01/May/15
Protex in London on 27/Jun/15
Hotel Vegas March 12, 2014
SXSW 2014 review
SXSW 2014 Hotel Vegas
Protex in Hamburg on 30/May/14
Protex in Austin on 10/Mar/14
Protex in Hamberg on 30/Aug/14
Protex in Belfast on 16/Nov/13
Protex in Belfast on 02/Nov/13
Sunflower Bar gig
Protex in Belfast on 20/Sep/13
Protex in Dublin on 01/Nov/13
Japan 13 Photos
Press Conference Japan
Japanese Tour getting Closer
Test Pressing
Ramones Tribute Night – Belfast 28 Sept
Protex in Belfast on 25/Apr/13
2013 Tour of Japan
See Protex in Dublin
See Protex Live!
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Back from America. Next stop, Spain!
April 9, 2017
March saw the band play seven dates in the States. Starting with a sold out New York show, Protex then played Philadelphia and two shows in Chicago before heading to SXSW and the venue they
Protex live in Dublin
February 4, 2017
Protex live in Dublin
February 4, 2017

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