Protex Reformed!

To answer the inevitable question – why did Protex reform after a such a long time?
It happened after Sing Sing Records in New York released an LP/CD of Strange Obsessions, recorded and produced by Chas Chandler in 1980.   Aidan Dave Paul and Owen got talking and made an agreement with Sing Sing Records that Protex’s cut of all the sales of the recordings, both physical and downloaded should go to a NI charity, notably, the NI Hospice.
Meanwhile there was growing interest in the band, with the John T Davis movie clips of the live    New York set getting a steadily growing number of hits on uTube – over 30,000 at the last count.
The dust settled , and that gave us time to actually listen to the songs.   It was only a matter of time before Aidan and Dave were in contact again with the common desire to blast the dust off those tunes.